Helpful Hints for Keepsakes Cabin

19737 County Road 10
Deerwood, MN 56444

Welcome to Keepsakes Cabin! We hope you are excited for your stay! For the benefit of future guests, Keepsakes Cabin does not allow smoking or pets in the cabin or the screen porch.

We have compiled a list of helpful hints that will help make your stay more enjoyable.

Heating System
  • Scrapbook room and lower level floors have radiant in-floor heat. Do not adjust these temperatures too high. It is a slow reacting system that will cause you to be uncomfortably warm. The floors should be should already be set at comfortable temperatures.
  • There is a forced air furnace to adjust the temperature of the house. The thermostat is across from the upper level bathroom. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature settings.

  • Because we have a septic system, there is not a garbage disposal. If you could empty your plates before you load them in the dishwasher, this will help prevent septic issues.
  • The kitchen is stocked with necessary cooking utensils and serving dishes.

    Living Room
  • There are games in the armoire drawer. Also, there are family DVD's in the armoire as well.

  • The beds are positioned so all of the heat vents are not covered. If you move the beds, you may cover a heat vent.

  • Digital exhaust fans are located in each bathroom. If you push the bottom of the fan button one time, it will start the fan for 20 minutes. It is connected to the air exchanger, so you may not hear the noise.

    Scrapbooking Room
  • There are 2 TV's in this room. The wall mounted TV will play the same satellite channel as the main TV. However, DVD images will not be seen on the wall-mount TV.
  • There is internet access on the main computer. It is satellite internet and is just slightly slower than cable internet. Please log off internet when you are done using it. Thanks!
  • There is an additional printer and Ethernet port next to the Cricut cutter if you want to connect your personal computer to the internet or to the printer/scanner. The CD for printer installation is by the printer.
  • The surround sound for the scrapbooking room is below the large TV. The volume control on the DVD player controls the surround sound volume.
  • The DVD below the large TV is also a stereo or CD player. If you push the source button, you can choose between FM, CD, or DVD.
  • Your group will be provided with a new blade already loaded in the Cricut and 2 12x12 mats that are on the countertop. These are included with your stay. Additional mats can be purchased for $5.00 per mat.
  • We have coupons available for The Scrapbook and More in Aitkin and Ben Franklin in Brainerd (not the Aitkin location) through Keepsakes Cabin.

    We hope you enjoy your stay!! Feel free to call with any questions at 612-867-6795 (Gretchen) or 612-867-2153 (Luke).